Barbara Drtina

I am Barbara Drtina and I am here to help guide you to wellness.

My original background is in Early Childhood Behavior with graduate hours in gifted education. I have always been about expansion and growing yourself. I love to start with the children, they are so fresh and open.  All the limiting beliefs that they get exposed to from parents, grandparents, teachers, coaches, etc. start to make them small.

Then one day my life took a sudden turn and became a life that I never expected. After a long and drawn out high conflict divorce, my daughter, Erin took her life. Erin was brilliant and beautiful but was a very conflicted child since birth. I now believe that she was intuitive and maybe even an empath. She was definitely out of the mold! It was hard for her to conform to the dictated norms as it is for many children.

This major life event changed the course of my life and my beliefs. It set me on a journey of discovery, in all areas of my life and that has been my gift. My spiritual life, my purpose in life and the subsequent journey of healing changed me forever.

I knew I was supposed to do something with this unexpected event to help others in the same circumstance. I had felt so alone and isolated. I knew I wanted to be a speaker on “High Conflict Divorce and what it does to Children” and to help others lessen the trauma of divorce in simple ways, so you can go on to enjoy your new life. These are things I wish I had known at the time. Let me share them with you.

While exploring and studying many different modalities I discovered Intuitive Intelligence. I knew immediately that this was the vehicle for me to do this work. As I researched it, I knew I was in alignment with the principles and an easier softer way of healing trauma. You see, as a survivor I have found as many others have, that talking endlessly about our situations and traumas is not productive, in fact, it can be counterproductive. Our conscious mind is trying to do the work that the subconscious mind needs to do.  I now feel that I wasn’t ready to pursue this practice until now when the Science has proven that this is a viable and permanent way to clear our traumas and be FREE!

The reason I named my business:  Wellness Matters, You Matter is because of an integration.  I represent Natural products that activate your body, yet I know that our Emotional Wellbeing affects our physical health as well.  So, how could I integrate both components?  The name finally came to me around the same time I was delving into Brene Brown’s work around shame, vulnerability and worth. We are one body and spirit. Emotions play a big part in our health.  Wellness needs to address both.

In today’s world and with the suicide rates going up, I want to elevate people let them know that we ALL matter.  The judgment and the rejection following divorce and suicide was an isolating time for me, and it might be for you as well. A part of us is lost through divorce and the years we spent with a partner.  Often loving support is not there for us. I want to provide a safe space for you to feel supported and heard. Let my experience help guide you through your own journey to wholeness, whatever that looks like to you. You get to OWN YOUR LIFE!

I hope I have given you some insight as to why I am so passionate about this work and the desire to provide the tools that I wish I would have known. I truly believe that could have changed the outcome for my daughter Erin and for my family.

If you would like to hear my whole story, message me for a copy or order it on Amazon. My story is in the book entitled, Ignite Possibilities.  I am also available for speaking engagements on suicide, and those left behind as well as parental alienation, the loss of a child and how to activate your body. 

If no one told you today, YOU MATTER!

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